Portugal Operations

Port of Sines – Power-to-X

NeoGreen’s flagship project at the Port of Sines in Portugal aims to produce green hydrogen and e- methanol to assist with the decarbonisation of the maritime and petrochemical sectors, both in Iberia and in North-Western Europe.

First hydrogen from this project is expected in 2027. A planned 330 MW electrolyser and methanol synthesis complex is to be developed on a 10.8 hectare site in the Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone (ZILS), located in the port vicinity. The complex will have an annual production capacity of 40,000 tonnes of green hydrogen, capable of delivering 230,000+ tonnes of e-methanol per year. Powering the complex will be 800MW+ of green electricity generation from a hybridised wind and solar PV farm, that NeoGreen Portugal is developing in the region.

The Port of Sines project is now entering FEED stage and is in advancing offtake discussions with some of the world’s largest shipping lines and traders.

Why the Port of Sines

Energy Gateway

Sines is a leading energy gateway that is conducive for both domestic and export orientated green fuels projects. This stems from its location, maritime traffic, and proximity to local industry.

Strategic Location for Bunkers

The Port of Sines is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean and on various key shipping routes, giving it the potential to be a major e-methanol bunker station in the decarbonisation of the shipping sector.

Maritime Traffic

The Port of Sines is a major deep-water port in Portugal, handling approx. 1,400 vessels, 27,200,000t of cargo, and 230,000TEU annually.

High Growth

The Port of Sines is forecasted to have high investment rates in the next 5-to-10 years.

Local Industry

There are a variety of industries located in the Sines area that can act as direct green hydrogen off-takers and partners.

CO2 Suppliers

There are a variety of potential CO2 suppliers (including biogenic CO2) in the project vicinity, which is necessary for the production of e-methanol.

Hydrogen Hub

Sines has been designated a green hydrogen corridor and investment hub and may be the starting point for the planned H2Med Pipeline that will aim to transport gaseous fuels from Portugal and Spain to Northern Europe through France.


395 MW


460 MW


330 MW


H2 injected into Gas grid to decarbonise regional network.

P2X Fuels

E-MeOH used as Marine fuels and shipped to decarbonise chemical sectors.

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