Our Mission is to Produce and Distribute Green Molecules Around the World

Moving Renewable Energy Around the World

Whilst the world has an abundance of renewable energy resources, many of these resources are located in remote geographies from which it is challenging to export the electricity over long distances using conventional transmission or interconnectors.

NeoGreen’s production of green ammonia and e-methanol enable us to transport green energy around the world by transforming electricity into a shippable, storable commodity.

Developing Tomorrow’s Energy Today

As an early mover in the green hydrogen market, NeoGreen recognises the urgent need to diversify the global energy mix if we are to achieve a net-zero global economy by 2050.

NeoGreen combines industrial, technological, and capital market expertise to reduce fossil fuel consumption by producing green hydrogen-derived molecules as an alternative.

Sourcing renewable energy to power electrolyser units is the most significant economic challenge in green hydrogen production, comprising >50% of total CAPEX. With a geographically diversified portfolio of projects, NeoGreen overcomes this barrier by sourcing the world’s lowest levelized cost of renewable energy, enabling us to supply price-competitive green hydrogen products to offtaker markets at sub $3.50/kg LCOHs.

Leveraging Green Hydrogen Opportunities

Our global portfolio consists of power-to-X projects dedicated to producing green hydrogen or other energy derivatives including green ammonia, green fertiliser, and synthetic fuels.

NeoGreen identifies global geographies with low-cost renewable resources, favourable energy policies, and feasible export infrastructure. Where these criteria intersect are where NeoGreen is able to most effectively leverage high-value green hydrogen projects to produce price-competitive products.

Our portfolio of hydrogen projects is predominantly spread across southern Europe and global emerging markets, including northern and southern Africa and South America.

Most of NeoGreen’s projects are designed for a single captive offtaker.


  • Our flexible development strategy means we are able to align with the national hydrogen strategies of governments and assist in their decarbonisation efforts.
  • NeoGreen’s hydrogen projects are favoured by nation states as a way of reducing pressure to invest in green infrastructure.
  • All business we conduct is placed within the wider context of promoting an adherence to national and international net-zero targets.
  • Our projects stimulate new local businesses, generate skilled employment, and unlock significant FDI opportunities.

Local Partners

  • NeoGreen partners with experienced green hydrogen/renewable energy developers in a flexible joint-venture approach.
  • We coordinate leading global investors, engineering consultancies, international EPCs, and product offtakers to form world-class co-development consortiums.
  • With an extensive network of local partners, NeoGreen benefits from priority access to development risk capital, enabling us to conduct earlier feasibility studies and scoping of development works.
  • Our partnerships are founded on a cooperative and transparent pathway from project feasibility studies through to financial close.

Strategic Partnerships

  • NeoGreen promotes the opportunity for like-minded partners co-develop and/or co-invest in our green hydrogen projects.
  • Partners can be assured of best-in-field development, structuring, and execution, which is boosted by the early mover advantage of our propriety deal origination process.
  • We are committed to long-term equity participation to guarantee project success and risk participation.


  • We invite investors to participate in high return-on-investment hydrogen projects whilst simultaneously helping to fuel a greener future.
  • NeoGreen offers unique exposure to attractive project equity returns in the renewable sector.
  • All participants qualify as environmental, social, and governance investors.

Pathway to Delivery

NeoGreen’s strategy is to leverage local and strategic partnerships with leading companies in engineering, technology, construction, finance, and offtake.

With a lean corporate structure and fewer bureaucratic hurdles, NeoGreen is able to deliver projects on shorter timescales than many of our peers.

DEVELOP - A Strong Pipeline of First-Wave Projects

NeoGreen’s development strategy is focused on identifying the world’s most competitively priced green hydrogen projects that can fulfil local demand or have export potential, prioritising countries with pro-green energy policies.

DELIVER - Studies, Development and Permitting

We conduct project development in a systematic phase-by-phase delivery pathway. Initial scoping and feasibility studies that evaluate economic and technical viability are followed by engineering, design and permitting before advancing to financial close.

BUILD – Alongside World-Class Development Teams

We partner with leading offtakers, co-developers, technology providers, energy trading houses, financial institutions and engineering contractors to achieve financial close. NeoGreen coordinates leading local and global companies into a streamlined consortium to maximise project success.

OPERATE – High-Value Power-to-X Projects

NeoGreen aims to be a leading actor in the transition to net-zero by operating and maintaining power-to-X projects that supply essential green molecules to hard-to-abate sectors.

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