Portugal Operations

Project Palmela

A 10MW Electrolyser Facility

Generating ~1300 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. Around 20 MW of photovoltaic panels will be built proximal to the hydrogen plant.

The Palmela Hydrogen Project

Ideally situated adjacent to one of REN Gasodus’ gas injection points, providing NeoGreen Portugal with the ideal opportunity to inject renewable gas into the national network and, by taking advantage of Guarantees of Origin regulations, effectively transmit this product to REN Gas consumers across Portugal.

The REN Gas Network

Serves over 1.3m consumers. In 2011 they consumed more than 57 billion kWh of gas.


Strategically located to nearby major industrial hubs and one of the main junctions of Portugal’s road and rail network, just 25kms from Lisbon. This results in significant Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) traffic flows in and around Palmela who may become future customers of the project.

Project Palmela

A proud beneficiary of a PRR Grant of € 3,916,622 having secured advanced permits including Prior Registration as Producer, DGEG, EIA and CDDR.

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