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Fueling the Transition to a Low-Carbon Global Economy

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NeoGreen Hydrogen Corp. is a platform dedicated to originating and developing green hydrogen projects around the world. Our mission is to produce and distribute green hydrogen and its derivative energy products, delivering low carbon solutions for global industries. NeoGreen expects to be amongst a group of first pioneers to operationalise green hydrogen plants.

Our global portfolio of power-to-X projects is dedicated to producing green hydrogen and derivative energy products such as ammonia, fertiliser and synthetic fuel using renewable energy from the most cost-competitive geographies around the world.

NeoGreen aims to become a leading provider of innovative future-fuels for heavy industry and the transport sector, the decarbonisation of which is pivotal in achieving a net-zero global economy by 2050.

Why Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a zero-emission molecule produced via electrolysis of water using 100% renewable electricity and willl be a critical energy source for the world's transition to a low-carbon economy.

Green hydrogen can be applied to the decarbonisation of multiple industries including road transportation, shipping, aviation, steel production, power generation and industrial heating, as well as the production of fertilisers, polymers and chemicals.

According to a recent report by Deloitte (2023), over US$9 trillion of cumulative investments into the global clean hydrogen market will be required to help meet the world’s net-zero targets by 2050.

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Green Hydrogen Applications

Green hydrogen will revolutionise the way we power heavy industry and other hard-to-abate sectors.

The versatility of green hydrogen’s applications is evident.

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Thermal Power & Heating

Blended into LNG networks and used by boilers, power plants and turbines.

Industrial Processing

An alternative to fossil fuel feedstocks in hard-to-abate sectors such as metals processing, chemical, cement and polymer production.

Shipping and Sustainable Aviation

Hydrogen derivatives such as ammonia, e-methanol and SAF for the maritime and aviation sectors.

Fertilisers and Mining Explosives

Production of ammonia and ammonium derivatives for the agricultural fertiliser and mining (explosives) sectors.

Energy storage

Hydrogen can act as an effective solution for storing power for later dispatch, solving some of the intermittency and curtailment issues impacting renewable energy generation.

Energy export

Green hydrogen allows countries with an abundance of low-cost renewable energy resources to produce green hydrogen as a means to export their power to overseas markets.

Green Hydrogen is the most compelling opportunity the world has for decarbonizing heavy industry and helping deliver Net-Zero.

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NeoGreen – A Global Company with a Local Footprint

Our global portfolio of first-wave projects are strategically located in geographies offering the most cost-effective renewable energy resources and feasible export infrastructure, capable of delivering price-competitive end products to international offtakers.

NeoGreen partners with experienced local companies to manage development activities on the ground in every project jurisdiction.

Portalegre | 5 MW | H2

Benavente | 5 MW | H2

Palmela | 10 MW | H2

Port of Sines | 330 MW | MeOH


Asuncion | 275MW | H2, NH3



Suez Canal | 1GW+ | NH3, MeOH


Karas Region | 1GW+ | H2, NH3

South Africa

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