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A Leading Project Development Platform

NeoGreen Hydrogen Corp. is a green hydrogen development platform focused on producing both green hydrogen and low-carbon energy/industrial products, such as green ammonia, green fertiliser and synthetic fuels, from its global portfolio of projects.

NeoGreen originates, finances, and undertakes project development works and bankable feasibility studies. We arrange technical partners, project finance, and product offtake through to financial close, construction and operation. NeoGreen’s business strategy involves partnering with established local companies to manage development on the ground in every project jurisdiction.

As a pure play green hydrogen developer, NeoGreen has a full value chain business model spanning from project origination to the delivery of price-competitive hydrogen products to heavy industry, the maritime sector, and agricultural offtakers.

Our Core Business

NeoGreen’s multi-jurisdictional portfolio of first-wave projects targets geographies offering the lowest cost renewable energy production, alongside strong local demand or suitable export logistics.

NeoGreen has several well-developed small-scale Portuguese projects under development that will blend green hydrogen directly into existing natural gas pipelines for distribution to industrial users. These are expected to be amongst the first wave of green hydrogen projects globally, with our most advanced project already being a proud beneficiary of PRR (EU) grant funding.

NeoGreen has signed a binding Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Paraguay’s state utility to purchase some of the world’s cheapest, existing baseload power from the Itaipú hydroelectric dam to manufacture green ammonia and fertilisers.

NeoGreen continues to originate an exciting portfolio of high-value green hydrogen projects around the world, including in Namibia, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa.

Highly Experienced Team

NeoGreen’s management team is highly experienced in project origination, development, and finance; with many decades of experience and billions of dollars of projects funded.

The team has experience in a range of markets across several continents, giving NeoGreen a global and ambitious outlook.

Members of the NeoGreen management team have been invited to speak on panels at multiple hydrogen industry events, including the Latin American Energy Summit and the New Mobility Congress.

The NeoGreen team is complemented by best-in-class local partnerships in project jurisdictions to ensure development is supported with leading local expertise.

Extensive Global Network

Access to a diverse global network enables NeoGreen to adopt an effective propriety deal origination process as a strategy for project identification and development.

Our extensive global network consists of governments, offtakers, OEMs, manufacturers, global energy trading houses, financial institutions, industrial groups, EPC companies, and more.

This provides NeoGreen with unique access to the world’s most competitive renewable resources, technical supply chain providers, financiers, and offtakers, pivotal for the development of high-value green hydrogen projects.

What Differentiates Us

As an early mover in the nascent green hydrogen market, NeoGreen is well positioned to secure some of the best global projects.

NeoGreen's mandate is to take an active ownership position in all its projects from origination, development, financing, through to construction.

NeoGreen’s lean corporate structure allows us to make swift and adaptive decisions.


As a pure-play green hydrogen developer, NeoGreen focuses solely on the production and distribution of green hydrogen and/or its energy derivatives, a strategy that has allowed NeoGreen to accumulate leading industry expertise.

Skin in the Game

We take an active ownership position in all of our projects. Having a vested interest in seeing projects to operation after development, ensures project integrity after COD.


NeoGreen’s global origination strategy is complemented by local partnerships to ensure that local expertise is used to manage development on the ground. These working partnerships enable us to function with the experience and structure of a much larger company.

Flexibility & Agility

As a pure play platform with an extensive partnership network, NeoGreen can rapidly engage new opportunities, respond to changing client needs, and adapt to evolving market conditions.

Broad-based Strategy

NeoGreen’s development strategy targets both small-scale, first-wave green hydrogen projects, as well as multi-gigawatt industrial developments. We are thus positioned to supply product to offtakers as soon as 2025.


Our multi-jurisdictional portfolio consists of a 10GW+ pipeline, spread across countries with the most competitively priced renewable resources. Being agnostic to our green hydrogen-derived end-product also allows us to engage a range of different industries and manage risks effectively.

Emerging Market Experience

An effective proprietary deal origination process is supported by our management team’s extensive experience and success in project development across global emerging markets.

Our Management Team

NeoGreen’s management team is highly experienced in project origination, development, and finance, with many decades of experience and billions of dollars of projects funded.

NeoGreen’s management team are recognised for their industry expertise and have been invited to speak on panels at multiple hydrogen events, including the Latin American Energy Summit and the EU New Mobility Congress.

With extensive experience and corporate connectivity across the green hydrogen value chain, NeoGreen's leadership team is as locally grounded as it is globally minded.

Chris Corson

Executive Chairman

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Robert Seabrook

Executive Director

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Rory Harding

Executive Director

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Dr. Vijay Gopal

Chief Technical Officer

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Miles Lewis

President - Central & South America

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Jason Hutton-Mills

President - Africa

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William Lloyd-George

Vice President – Research & Investor Relations

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Jose Torres

Chief Technical Officer - Latin America

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Kevin Clarke

Technical Advisor

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Victoria Granados Muñoz

Engineer - Latin America

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Our Values

At NeoGreen we recognise the imperative need in acting now to slow the climate crisis. Aiding the global transition to a net-zero economy and mitigating the effects of climate change is central to our mission.


Striving to promote a more stable relationship between humanity and nature in order to meet current demand without compromising the needs of future generations.


The strong ethical and moral foundation upon which we build all our relationships.


Acknowledging full accountability for our decisions and actions.


Working with other like-minded groups to achieve common goals and positive outcomes.


Treating others with dignity and consideration.


Taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that individual safety is integral to everything we do.

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