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Leading Project Development Platform

NeoGreen Hydrogen Corp. (‘NeoGreen’) is a leading green hydrogen development platform focused on the production of price-competitive green hydrogen and derivative energy carriers such as ammonia and synthetic fuels. As an integrated, pure play green hydrogen developer, NeoGreen utilises a full life-cycle, inception-to- operation business model to generate and distribute environmentally sustainable fuels to decarbonise heavy industry.

First-wave Projects

NeoGreen’s multi-jurisdictional portfolio of first-wave projects targets geographies offering the lowest costs with respect to renewable energy production, alongside either strong local demand or suitable export logistics. This ensures our projects are capable of delivering price-competitive green hydrogen and ammonia to consumer markets. Ultimately, our strategy is to arbitrage energy between countries with abundant, low-cost renewable resources (primarily in emerging markets) and energy-deficient countries in developed markets (Europe and Asia).

Highly Experienced

NeoGreen’s highly experienced team has a solid track record of developing, financing, and delivering energy infrastructure projects globally. The team is complemented by best-in-class local partnerships in every project jurisdiction, allowing global developments to be managed by local expertise.

Extensive Global Network

Our extensive global network with governments, offtakers, OEMs, manufacturers, global energy trading houses, financial institutions, industrial groups and EPC companies, provides NeoGreen with unparalleled access to the world’s best renewable resources, technical supply chain providers, financiers, and offtakers, all of whom are necessary for the development of high-value green hydrogen projects.

What Differentiates Us

NeoGreen takes an active ownership position in all its projects, marrying its origination, development, and financing expertise to reduce CO2 emissions and generate value for its partners.


As a pure-play green hydrogen developer, NeoGreen’s focus is the production and distribution of green hydrogen and/or its derivative molecules. This operational clarity will accelerate the buildup of industry-specific expertise.

Skin in the Game

NeoGreen takes an active ownership position in all its projects, combining its origination, development, and financing expertise to generate value for its partners.


NeoGreen’s global strategy is enhanced by local expertise to manage developments on the ground, thereby enabling the company to function with the experience and structure of a much larger company but without the bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Flexibility & Agility

As a small, bureaucracy-light company with a broad partnership network, NeoGreen has the ability to rapidly engage new market opportunities, respond to changing client needs, and adapt to evolving market conditions.

Broad-based Strategy

NeoGreen’s multi-pronged development approach targets both small-scale, first-wave green hydrogen projects, as well as multi-gigawatt industrial developments offering significant economies of scale. NeoGreen is thereby positioned to address both short and long-term demand expectations for clean energy.


With our multi-jurisdictional portfolio strategy, we have built a 10GW+ deal pipeline, diversified geographically across the world’s lowest-cost renewable energy countries.

Further risk diversification comes from our varied product line targeted at the power sector, transport and shipping, and heavy industry.

Emerging Market Experience

Our effective proprietary deal origination process is supported by our management team’s extensive project development experience in global emerging markets, where the majority of the world’s most competitive renewable energy resources are located.



Championing the harmonious and stable coexistence of humans and nature to meet present needs without compromising future generations.


The strong ethical and moral foundation upon which we build all our relationships.


Being accountable for our decisions, actions, and behaviours.


Working with others to achieve common goals and positive outcomes.


Treating others with dignity and consideration.


Taking all the necessary precautions to protect people from harm.

Our Management Team

With experience and deep connectivity across all of the Tier 1 green hydrogen export markets, NeoGreen's leadership team is as local as it is global.

Chris Corson

Executive Chairman

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Robert Seabrook

Executive Director

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Dr. Vijay Gopal

Chief Technical Officer

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Miles Lewis

President - Central & South America

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Jason Hutton-Mills

President - Africa

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William Lloyd George

Vice President – Research & Investor Relations

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Rory Harding

Vice President - Corp. Development

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Kevin Clarke

Technical Advisor

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Victoria Granados Muñoz

Engineer - Latin America

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Jose Torres

Senior Engineer - Latin America

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NeoGreen is committed to play its part in the transition to net-zero and mitigating the damaging effects of the climate crisis.

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Rory Harding

Vice President - Corp. Development

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